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A faster, better way to handle special event streams

Mar 27 2017 - By Noreen T. M.

From charity events to early looks at upcoming games, special event streams are exciting for both streamers and fans. The only problem? Sometimes it’s hard to keep your viewers in the loop so they won’t miss out.

Now, in less time than it takes to wait out your respawn timer, you can easily create events on Twitch and share them with all of your viewers. Once you do, they can sign up for automatic reminders to make sure they don’t forget to tune in. So, relax, focus on having a great stream, and let Twitch handle the busy work.

You can get the word out by sharing events directly to your Channel Feed and Pulse, along with other social channels. But in case someone misses an update from you, there’s also a new Events tab on your channel page that lists all your upcoming event streams.

Check out some upcoming events, like this week’s episode of Fanboys with special guest AnneMunition joining hosts djWHEAT and iNcontroLTV to chat pop culture, movies, shows, comics and more, or this Friday’s Twitch Weekly, the show where you can learn about new Twitch features and discover awesome streams and streamers.

Visit the new Event Manager tab on your dashboard now to start making and sharing events of your own.

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