Feb 1, 2019

Celebrate Black History Month on Twitch

A huge part of what makes Twitch special are the diverse voices that make up our community. In honor of Black History Month, this February, we’re doubling down on celebrating black creators and their communities by featuring tons of streams on the homepage. We’d love for you to join us.

We’re also honoring Black History Month by working with the community to help raise money for Code2040, an organization that’s closing the access gap for Black and Latinx engineering talent in tech. Plus we’re hosting a Black History Month trivia night at Twitch HQ and much, much more.

Ready to get involved? Here’s how you can join in:

Watch Highlighted Streams

Check out the front page to see a different featured streamer every day, starting right now. You can find the full schedule below. Just double check the start time (they’re all in PT), jump into chat, and say HeyGuys.

Help Raise Money

All month long, we’re working with Tiltify to raise money for Code2040, an organization dedicated to empowering Black and Latinx people in the tech industry. You can donate or start fundraising yourself right here: https://tiltify.com/code2040.

If you can’t donate, you can still show your support by sharing the link above on social, telling people in your community, or asking your favorite streamer to start their own campaign. Every little bit helps.

Share Your Story

What does Black History Month mean to you? If you’ve got a story, we want to hear it! Tell us your story on social media using #TwitchUnity and #BlackHistoryMonth. We’ll share some of our favorites with all of you on Twitch Weekly, every Friday in February at 1PM PT on /twitch.

Black History Month at Twitch

We’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate Black History Month at Twitch HQ, and one that you can participate in is our Black History Month trivia night! Join us on February 22nd from 5–6PM PT on /twitchoffice.

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