Feb 14, 2019 - By Evan Freitas

It’s all love on Twitch this Valentine’s Day

Roses, chocolates, and um, battle royales? Yes, Valentine’s Day is almost here and we’re spreading the love all over Twitch.

Join us on February 14th as we highlight streamers on the Twitch front page who have found love on Twitch or helped others do the same. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Here’s the full Valentine’s schedule:

Awkwards_Travel 5–7am PT

Follow along with Tallulah and Gaspard as they take you with them across the world for a look into the lives of full-time travelers. Always surrounded by a good time, you definitely don’t want to miss the lovely shenanigans these two get into.

ortoPilot 11 am-2 pm PT

Having helped two of his viewers with a proposal during a stream, we could consider Ortopilot our own Twitch cupid. With his trademark sultry voice, he’s here to bring in Valentine’s Day the only way he knows how, by singing. Stop by and experience the musical experience that is Ortopilot.

Geoff 2–4 pm PT

Proposing in a game of Super Monkey Ball 2 isn’t easy, but Geoff managed to pull it off and bring us to tears as MissKaddyKins was taken surprise by his proposal. Come check out the lovely couple as they show the world what kind of love they have to give.

Kickole 6–8 pm PT

Love comes in all forms and Kickole fell in love all over again when her partner proposed in the cutest way possible, with video games! Come watch this lovely duo show you what true love looks like on Twitch.

BizSnes 8–10 pm PT

Being turned into a living video game console can be pretty rough, but with someone by your side it’s a whole lot better. BizSnes showed us what love really is with his beautiful proposal and he’s here to show you that despite his plastic exterior, there really is a heart of gold inside.

JOEYKAOTYK 10 pm — 2 am PT

Traveling the world can be quite the adventure, but with JOEYKAOTYK’s travel streams you’re in for a truly special treat. After proposing to his girlfriend live to his audience, the two have been happy seeing the world together and taking you all along for the ride.

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