Feb 14, 2019

Start the 2019 Overwatch League season with your free Command Center trial

The wait is over. It’s finally time to begin the 2019 Overwatch League season! Day 1 kicks off today at 4PM PST with a rematch of last year’s Grand Finals: the Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire, and it’s all going down on the /overwatchleague channel. Catch the action with a limited free trial of the newly updated Command Center.

Command Center is the best part of this year’s Overwatch League All-Access Pass — a feature The Verge called “a robust new spectating tool that should make matches much easier to understand.” Watch your way from the first-person perspective of any pro player, or from the POV of your favorite roles, or from a slew of viewing combinations. You can start your free trial of Command Center, lasting two full match days, directly from the Overwatch League channel.

2019 Passholders also get additional benefits, including 200 Overwatch League tokens, ad-free viewing, team-themed emotes, and more. The cheering has already begun in chat, so get yours now and start participating in solo and community challenges to unlock emotes, badges, and more.

Stage 1 — Week 1 matches are happening every day from Feb 14–17. Join us at /overwatchleague and we’ll see you in chat.

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