Feb 22, 2019

Partner and Affiliate Emote Update

Nothing makes us happier than seeing your Chat flooded with custom emotes for your community. In fact, we love it so much, we’re making it even easier to unlock them.

Starting today, we’re adding more emote slots to help Affiliates and Partners provide even more benefits to your community and subscribers, and help express what’s unique about your community by nurturing a shared language.

Here’s what’s changing:


We launched the Affiliate program with one emote slot for each subscription tier and we’ve heard consistently that you wanted more emotes. So we’re doing something about it.

Beginning today and rolling out over the next four months, Affiliates can unlock up to five Tier 1 emotes, with one additional emote each for Tier 2 (up to six total) and Tier 3 (up to seven total) subscribers.

You can unlock these additional emote slots by reaching different Subscriber point thresholds. If your Subscriber Point total has decreased over time, fear not. We will calculate your available emote slots by using your maximum Subscriber Point total.

When you meet the threshold over the next few months, we will review new emotes as you submit them.

Stay tuned to @TwitchSupport for exact rollout times for the additional emote slots in March, April, and May.


We’re also helping Partners provide even more benefits as your communities grow.

Previously, Partners were granted two Tier 1 emotes when they achieved Partner status. Beginning today, we are increasing that number from two to six. That means Partners with 0–64 Subscriber Points will automatically unlock six emote slots. Emote thresholds for 65+ Subscriber Points are unchanged.

We can’t wait to see all those new emotes flood your chat! For more information, check out the Subscriber Emoticon Guide for Partners and Affiliates.

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