Mar 25, 2019 - By Megan Dobransky

Twitch Extension Challenge: And the winners are…

For three months, the Twitch developer community has been hard at work creating, building, and launching Extensions for the Twitch Extension Challenge powered by AWS.

And now the winners have been announced!

Watch the announcement show with special guests now! (There’s a unicorn onesie somewhere. 🦄)

People’s Choice

Warp Post, created by Matt Jakubowski

This is panel Extension allows viewers to easily alert a streamer when a package is on the way to them. The viewer can post the tracking number in the same area, so the streamer doesn’t have to worry about where the tracking numbers come from and all the info is in one nice easy spot.

Honorable Mentions IR Next, created by James Hsu, Sławomir, Pruchnik, Wilson Hunter

This Extension uses a service for Magic cards object detection and identification, such that viewers can click on the physical outlines of cards on-stream to see what the cards do. They also built a Magic decklist upload option, so that creators can display the hidden contents of a deck designed for a tournament.

Heat, created by Scott Garner

Heat is an Extension for interactive experiences through clicks directly on the video feed. It captures click data on the video feed and routes it to the broadcaster. Now, it provides a number of front-end demos and instructions for creating custom experiences with a simple protocol based on

Chat Heroes, created by Nick Phillips, Matthew Snyder, Mike Freudenberg

Chat Heroes brings Chat to life with animated characters as well as helps increase streamer support using bits. It allows both the streamers and viewers to show love, say hello, get salty, etc. Chat Heroes provides multiple characters and interactions to choose from.

Playground, created by alondanoch

Playground is the ultimate audience engagement Extension. Create custom engagements, and let viewers contribute and participate in your stream. Share the love and give your viewers the recognition they deserve when they contribute to your channel!

Third Place

Chat Translator, created by Instafluff

With Chat Translator, viewers can talk to streamers and have conversations among each other, each in their own native tongue as if all other chatters speak the same language. It automatically detects and translates messages from 21 different languages to the currently-supported five languages.

Second Place

Reach Audience Worldwide, created by Kaan Baris BAYRAK

Imagine you can understand almost any language. This Extension is basically subtitles for viewers on a Twitch channel. Viewers can read subtitles in 20 different languages. With the help of this Extension, you can remove so many language barriers!

First Place

StreamBreak, created by David Fasching, Manuel Fleck & Oliver Wendelin

Multiplayer games for your audience! Keep your viewers during bio breaks and let them play mini games together! With StreamBreak, instead of a pause screen or a countdown, streamers can simply start a StreamBreak game and let their viewers play.

There were a total of 93 participants in the challenge, so there’s much more to see. Check out all the submissions here.

Congrats to all the winners and thank you to everyone that submitted! You’re not only helping to build the future of live entertainment, but also an awesome community.

Special shoutout to Devpost, our partner in running this challenge!

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