May 31, 2019

Celebrate Pride Month with LGBTQIA+ creators on Twitch

Update July 1: Celebrate Pride Month with LGBTQIA+ creators on Twitch

Update July 1: We heard you! The Pride emotes you’ve earned are now permanent, and to give you a little more time to unlock them all, we’re extending Pride MegaCheers through July 5. Plus, Pride Cheermotes are now permanent as well! For more info, check out our Pride MegaCheer help article.

Pride month starts now, and everyone is invited to celebrate. In honor of the diverse voices who call Twitch home, we’re doubling down on supporting LGBTQIA+ creators and their communities by featuring a new streamer every day on the homepage. You can check out the full schedule at the end of this post, so tune in and you may discover a new favorite!

Ready to get involved? These are all the ways you can join in:

Shirts for everyone

Limited edition Twitch 2019 Pride Tees are on sale now. We heard your feedback, and we’re excited to expand our tee collection to now include the colors of the Pansexual and Asexual flags. So whether you’re Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Pansexual, Asexual, or an Ally, our collection has you covered!

To purchase, visit our sites below. All proceeds support Twitch Unity, our ongoing Diversity and Inclusion program at Twitch.


**Offered in territories supported by Merch By Amazon. Not eligible for any ongoing promotions or offers. Limited time offer.

Showing your support as a streamer

****The Trevor Project’s research shows that 1.5 million LGBTQ young people are in crisis or consider suicide every year in the United States alone. Your contribution helps them serve more of these young people who need and deserve support.

Here’s how The Trevor Project does good with your donations.

  • $5 funds 5 minutes of free, confidential crisis counseling for LGBTQ+ youth

  • $25 helps them train crisis counselors to best serve youth

  • $50 empowers them to support 1 LGBTQ youth in crisis on text, chat, or phone

  • $100 supports TrevorSpace, providing a platform for peer support for global LGBTQ youth

If you’re a streamer, you can help by signing up (you’ll need a Tiltify account) to fundraise on Tiltify by clicking here. Raise $500 or more and receive a limited edition “Play for Pride” t-shirt, only available when fundraising for The Trevor Project on Twitch through Tiltify. You can see the shirt at the bottom of the link in this paragraph. If you have any questions or would like to be connected directly with The Trevor Project please reach out to

Showing your support as a viewer

Show your support for creators, earn exclusive emotes for yourself and your fellow community members, and contribute to Twitch’s donation to The Trevor Project with Pride MegaCheer! From June 4–30, you can MegaCheer by cheering with 200 or more Bits in any Affiliate or Partner channel in a single Cheer.

You’ll earn two of 20 exclusive Pride emotes for yourself and unlock a gift of an emote that other viewers in the channel will receive randomly. The larger the MegaCheer, the greater the number of people that will receive an emote gift. These exclusive emotes can only be used in the month of June 2019. Whenever you use a MegaCheer, we’ll donate $0.10 for every 200 Bits cheered to The Trevor Project, up to a total donation of $150,000.

The creators you support with your Cheers receive the same share of Bits. Twitch is making the donation based on the Bits viewer’s Cheer. Pride MegaCheer starts on June 4 at 11:00AM PT and ends on June 30 at 10:00PM PT. Got more questions? Your answers are here.

Looking for some great channels to support? Check out the full lineup of LGBTQIA+ streamers featured on the homepage all month long.

MermaidUnicorn — Saturday, June 1 at 11am — 1pm PT ZoeyProasheck — Sunday, June 2 at 11am — 1pm PT Delphron — Monday, June 3 at 9am — 11am PT KyleDempsterStudios — Tuesday, June 4 at 2pm — 4pm PT DeadAChek — Wednesday, June 5 at 11am — 1pm PT keekeexbabyy — Thursday, June 6 at 9am — 11am PT Annie — Friday, June 7 at 11am — 1pm PT Angelxoxo — Saturday, June 8 at 6pm — 8pm PT Bengineering — Sunday, June 9 at 12pm — 2pm PT TeaLex — Monday, June 10 at 5pm — 7pm PT KiitLock — Tuesday, June 11 at 6pm — 8pm PT GoldKarat — Wednesday, June 12 at 10am — 12:00pm PT justin_nick — Wednesday, June 12 at 4pm — 6pm PT RandomTuesday — Thursday, June 13 at 11am — 1pm PT Nikatine — Friday, June 14 at 11am — 1pm PT Toph — Saturday, June 15 at 4am — 6am PT FrankThePegasus — Sunday, June 16 at 11am — 1pm PT antphrodite — Monday, June 17 at 3pm — 5pm PT GreenDumpling — Tuesday, June 18 at 11am — 1pm PT EeveeA_ — Wednesday, June 19 at 7am — 9am PT Smajor1995 — Thursday, June 20 at 12pm — 2pm PT DEERE — Friday, June 21 at 5pm — 7pm PT Elix9 — Saturday, June 22 at 4pm — 6pm PT agayguyplays — Sunday, June 23 at 11am — 1pm PT EnglishSimmer — Monday, June 24 at 12pm — 2pm PT KrinxShow — Tuesday, June 25 at 2pm — 4pm PT KatFTWynn — Wednesday, June 26 at 11am — 1pm PT superxinvader — Thursday, June 27 at 3pm — 5pm PT Shamanom — Friday, June 28 at 10am — 12pm PT LittleLegsTV — Saturday, June 29 at 5am — 7am PT HealMeHarry — Sunday, June 30 at 4am — 6am PT

*subject to change, follow creators for potential announcement of changes

Twitch gets involved

Twitch HQ will be joining forces with our Amazon family by marching in San Francisco’s 49th pride parade celebration on June 30. Last year, we had the pleasure of also marching alongside LGBTQIA+ creators like ChipWhiteHouse, DistractedElf and KiwiFails. Look out for the special guests that will be marching with us this year on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

These same special guests will also be joining us of a special Pride edition of Twitch Weekly airing on June 28 at 1:00pm PT. Don’t miss the show at

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