Jun 28, 2019 - By Evan Freitas

Sell out with us on Prime Day with the Blacksmith Extension

Get a cut when viewers make Prime Day purchases on your channel.

The Amazon Blacksmith Extension allows you to showcase your favorite products in an overlay or panel and earn revenue from sales through the Amazon Associates program.

For the 48-hour duration of Prime Day, Blacksmith will generate a series of notifications that include links for viewers to purchase the best Twitch-curated Prime Day products and deals. Whether you co-stream Twitch’s show, Twitch Sells Out, or just shop deals with your community — this is a great opportunity for you to earn affiliate revenue when your viewers make purchases on your channel.

Additional Prime Day revenue opportunities via the Extension include:

  • 2X bounties for Prime Sign Ups (from $3 to $6 during the month of July)

  • $500 Bonus cash if you exceed $5k in products sold (See details below)

The Prime Day “Live Event Mode” experience is designed to be on screen as an overlay but a similar experience will be available through the panel as well.

Blacksmith Set-Up Instructions

  • Partners & Affiliates, click here to install and activate the Blacksmith Extension!

  • Ok! It’s Installed, What’s Next? That’s it! Event Mode will be turned on by default and will start to push out Prime Day Deals on July 15th at 12 AM PST

Co-Stream Twitch Sells Out

The entire Twitch Sells Out stream can be co-streamed. All 36 glorious hours of it. So feel free to add your unique commentary on the show and the deals. For maximum exposure and discoverability we recommend you co-stream under the following settings:

More Details / FAQ

  • Who can use Amazon Blacksmith? Twitch Partners and Affiliates can join the Associates Program and use Amazon Blacksmith to earn on Twitch.

  • How much revenue share do I make on each product?

PC products 4%,

Digital Video Games 10%

Physical Video Games 2%

Office Products 5%

Luxury Beauty 12%

To see all other rates, click here.

  • How does the $500 Bonus work? For the month of July, if you exceed $5k in products purchased via the Extension on your channel, you’ll be eligible for a $500 bonus..

  • When / How will it get paid out? The bonus will be paid out via your Amazon Associates account.

  • How do I turn it off? You can turn on/off Prime Day Event Mode content in your card configuration by toggling Event Mode.

  • Overlay or Panel? Live Event Mode within the Overlay is the premier experience, however the Panel is supported as well. Choose whatever feels right for your channel.

Visit the Blacksmith help page for additional tips and tricks, FAQ, and more info on the Amazon Affiliates program.

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