Aug 15, 2019 - By Tristan Wiley

Introducing a Community Resource Page for Twitch Developers

Introducing a Community Resource Directory for Twitch Developers

The Twitch Developer community has created some incredible, open source projects that help developers get started on Twitch. These resources — as well as our own coding projects — are scattered across different sites like GitHub, Glitch, and the documentation. In order to centralize these resources, and showcase the code samples, tutorials, blog posts, and other content the community has created, we are launching the first iteration of

This will continue to be our destination to make educational resources and examples more discoverable for experienced Twitch developers as well as those just getting started. We appreciate all of the feedback on the Request For Comments and will use it as we continue developing and refining the page.

We are launching the code page with content from twelve community members. Developers who would like their content considered for this page can submit it for review. We are looking for great writing comprehension, code consistency and clarity, spelling and grammar, and repository descriptions that clearly define the function of the project. For GitHub projects, feel free to also add a topic to your repository with “TwitchDev” which will make it easier for us to proactively find great examples to share.

If your content meets the above requirements, or as soon as you’ve made necessary updates, submit it for review at! We look forward to your submissions, highlighting the awesome content the community creates, and hearing your feedback on this new resource.

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