Nov 8, 2019

The NBA G League Returns To Twitch For Its 19th Season

The NBA G League brings professional hoops to Twitch for a third straight season. The 2019-20 season features more teams than ever and boasts impressive connections to the NBA. A record 42% of players on 2019-20 NBA start-of-season rosters have NBA G League experience, so this is your opportunity to see future NBA stars in the making.  

Throughout the 80 games Twitch will stream this season, you’ll get to see the experimental free throw rule being tested where one free throw is worth one, two or three points depending on the play.  

One of the teams to watch this year is the Rio Grande Valley Vipers who won their third NBA G League Championship last season after defeating the Long Island Nets. The Vipers are the only team in league history with three championships. They begin their title defense on November 8 against the Austin Spurs.

You can also keep an eye out for the 2019 MGM Resorts NBA G League Winter Showcase. The league’s premier in-season scouting event will introduce a tournament format and a $100,000 prize for players on the winning team.

In seasons past, basketball fans watched the game’s rising stars dazzle on the hardwood and many streamers co-streamed the broadcasts to their communities with their commentary and play-by-play. Even more used the official NBA G League Extension to make picks and take home bragging rights. This year the G League is back on Twitch and there’s more of everything.

Co-streaming the games

This season, G League games will air on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from November 8 through March 28 on /nbagleague. That’s where you can tune in to watch the games with their original audio and play-by-play. But, this is Twitch and watching isn’t enough. That’s why co-streaming is enabled for every single game and everyone is invited to give it a spin.

If you’re unfamiliar, co-streaming is a great way to connect streamers with their communities around things they love. Streamers can put their unique spin on a broadcast other than what they normally stream to create a novel experience for everyone. If you’re a streamer and want to give co-streaming a try, you can find a commentary-free broadcast to use on your co-stream at /nbagleaguecostreams. (Please note: you will not be able to archive or clip your co-stream.)

Learn more about co-streaming in general here.

Official NBA G League Extension

You can also get in the game with the new and improved official NBA G League Extension. It’ll let you view stats during games and earn points for tuning in.You can earn even more points when you ‘boost’ players you think will fill the stat sheet, and this year you can earn points as a community to rep your favorite co-streamer on the leaderboard. You’ll also get the chance to vote on the Twitch MVP of every game who will be interviewed on the court after the game.

Where to watch

You can watch the original broadcast at /nbagleague , or you can choose to watch Twitch Partners and Affiliates who are planning on co-streaming the NBA G League this year. So, if you’re looking for a more unique take on the action or just want to enjoy the game with a community you’re a part of, come watch! Or stream it yourself!

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