Dec 3, 2019

Happy HAHAHAlidays! Unlock holiday emotes this season

Update (12/10): You asked, and we listened. The emotes you earn during this promotion are now permanent. Happy HAHAHAlidays!

This season, we’ve got a new way for you to spread some community joy while supporting all your favorite streamers. 

Starting today, we’re getting in the HAHAHAliday spirit. When you subscribe to a channel, gift at least one subscription, or cheer at least 300 Bits, you’ll unlock special holiday emotes AND gift emotes to the community, specially designed by Twitch artists /alyillustrate and /awkwardbun.

We’re also highlighting streamers on the front page who are streaming holiday content, like baking, decorating, and cocktail mixing. Check out the full schedule below (all times are in PST):

  • 12/3 - /tribandtv - 8:00AM 
  • 12/4 - /FrankThePegasus - 9:00AM
  • 12/5 - /PancakePow - 3:00PM
  • 12/6 - /CannibalQueen - 2:00PM
  • 12/7 - /Breadwitchery - 4:00PM
  • 12/8 - /TwitchPortland - 4:00PM
  • 12/9 - /StreamerSquare - 2:00PM
  • 12/10 - /JanuaryAndOn - 7:30PM
  • 12/12 - /MegKaylee - 3:30PM
  • 12/13 - /tehmorag - 6:00PM
  • 12/15 - /MeadowFox - 3:00PM
  • 12/16 - /LulaBoo - 1:00PM
  • 12/17 - /itsTina - 3:00PM
  • 12/18 - /Vieparlafoi - 5:00PM
  • 12/20 - /wish - 3:00PM

Got questions? We’ve got answers. 

Q: When does the HAHAHAlidays event start and end?

The event will run from December 3, 2019 at 10AM PST to January 3, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST.

Q: What is a gift?

Gifts are given randomly to other viewers in the channel when you support a streamer during the holidays. Each gift provides the receiving viewer with one of the exclusive emotes. There are a total of 25 exclusive emotes up for grabs; 10 for Cheering with Bits, and 15 for supporting with subscriptions. Upon receiving a gift, recipients can quickly thank the Cheerer by clicking the “Thank” prompt at the bottom of their chat.

Q: Will I get the same number of emotes regardless of how much I contribute?

No! This time, the bigger your single contribution, the more emotes you will earn. To see how many emotes your contribution is eligible for, check out the handy dandy table in the help article.

Q: Do I get and/or give more emotes for subscribing or gifting subscriptions at a higher tier?

Yes. Tier 2 subs will earn you one additional emote and trigger 5 additional emotes for the community. Tier 3 subs will earn an additional 2 emotes and trigger an additional 10 gifts for the community.

Q: Will I get the same emotes for Cheering, Subbing, or Gifting?

No. Ten of the 25 emotes are only available only through Cheering, and 15 are available only through Subbing or Gifting. Show your support with both Bits and Subs to collect them all!

Q: Can I get the same emote multiple times?

No. Each time you unlock an emote, whether by Subbing, Gifting, or Cheering you will receive a new exclusive emote that you do not already own.

Q: If I’ve received emotes, will I keep all of them forever?

Yes! You asked, and we listened. The emotes you earn during this promotion are now permanent. Happy HAHAHAlidays!

Q: Will I get emotes for any Cheer?

Any single message containing 300 Bits or more will qualify. You will not receive or gift emotes by Cheering fewer than 300 Bits.

Q: What if there are more gifts than viewers in a channel?

If your contribution is large enough that the emote gifts exceed the number of viewers in a channel, followers of the channel will also receive emotes. If all viewers and followers of the channel have received emotes, viewers and followers will receive additional emotes until all the emote gifts have been distributed.

Happy HAHAHAlidays!
Love, Twitch

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