Dec 5, 2019

Watch and co-stream The Game Awards on Twitch

The 2019 Game Awards are going live on Thursday, December 12. Of course, just like previous years, you can watch the whole show at 5:30pm PT on Twitch, predict winners via polling extension as the show unfolds, and debate the awards in chat. And this year, we are excited to announce even more cool stuff for you to experience as you tune-in to The Game Awards on Twitch.

Brand new this year, we have the Twitch Community Choice Award. We’ve asked the Twitch audience to submit their choice for the “Best Play” of the year on Twitch. Tune in to the show live to vote for your favorite among the top 5 finalists.

For streamers, anyone can co-stream The Game Awards on their own Twitch channel. Whether you want to add your own commentary or just keep chat clear for your community, everyone is invited to give co-streaming a spin.

New this year, on /TheGameAwards channel we will showcase a list of our top co-streamers via an on-stream extension. If you’re planning on co-streaming The Game Awards and want to be featured in this list, submit your name to this form, and we may feature you in the extension! 

Also brand new this year, we are unveiling a new extension for co-streamers: The Emote Meter.The extension will read in real time how hyped your audience is, depending on how much a particular emote is used in chat. You have the flexibility to choose an emote that best suits your community.

How to co-stream The Game Awards

  1. Set your favorite broadcast software to capture the stream live on
  2. Set your category to Special Events.
  3. Tag your stream with “Co-Stream” and “Game Awards” 
  4. Use the hashtag #thegameawards to Tweet about your co-stream.

How to install and use the The Emote Meter

  1. Install the Extension to your page here
  2. After Installing, click the Configure Button to set up the Hype Meter for your channel. 
  3. The Configuration panel has instructions about setting up the Emote Meter as a Browser Source or an Extension. A Browser Source is a URL you add to your streaming software, and an Extension needs to be activated as an Overlay, Component or Panel.

The Game Awards are kicking off Thursday, December 12 at 5:30pm PT at /TheGameAwards. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss the show!

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