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Introducing Customizable Tags. And More of Them.

Aug 11 2022

In May 2021, we added more than 350 tags to Twitch with two objectives: to help streamers describe themselves and their content, and to help viewers find communities they’re interested in. Your response was more positive than we could have imagined, but even 350 more tags can’t begin to cover the diversity, range, and creativity of this community. So today, we’re handing the controls over to you with customizable tags. 

Of course, all tags must follow our Community Guidelines and will go through a multi-layer moderation process, including proactive detection, to prevent inappropriate language from being used. If an account uses language in a tag that violates Twitch’s Community Guidelines, the account can be reported via the channel page reporting tool. We will maintain a prohibited tag list and remove tags from circulation as necessary.

We’re excited to see all of the creative tags you come up with. This is just the beginning. In the future, tags will play a more prominent role in creating discovery opportunities for streamers. For example, by integrating tags into shelf creation on the homepage, we can quickly respond to organic movements within our community and amplify them as they are happening.  So give tags a try today and be seen on Twitch. You can learn more about tags by checking out our Guide to Tags help article.

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