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It’s a VTuber TAKEOvER

Aug 29 2022

​​This entire week of August 29th to September 2nd, we’re featuring VTubers of all shapes, sizes, origins, and species as we celebrate the artform that is VTubing. They’re vibrant, they’re versatile, they’re virtually real. Let’s give it up for all the Vtubers on Twitch.

So what is VTubing? VTubers are streamers who use virtual avatars to either present their brand, their personality, or their identity through means outside of a face cam. VTubers can be as detailed as a full 3D model to a PNG image, but regardless of their choice of avatar, these streamers are full of personality. 

What’s going on this week?

We’re featuring 100+ VTubers and their communities all week long. As they TAKEOvER Twitch, you won’t be able to miss them. Find your favorite VTuber on the Recommendation Shelf, discover the wide variety of genres they stream on the Front Page Carousel, witness all the different Vtuber styles and personalities during the TAKEOvER Fall Guys Tournament on /Twitch, and learn more about becoming a VTuber yourself with the Creator Camp panel. Find our featured VTubers over on the official VTuber TAKEOvER Stream Team right here.

On Friday, September 2nd at 11AM PST on /Twitch, we’ll be hosting our very first VTuber only Tournament. Along with our hosts Takahata101 and SinderVTuber, we’ll have 30 different VTubers compete in a Fall Guys tournament where hilarity will ensue.

Let’s get Digital

Join your favorite Vtubers OliviaMonroe, TiffanyWitcher, and Delphron as they have an informative convo about their experience crafting their personas and what it’s like creating a VTuber Persona and streaming on Twitch.

During this Creator Camp panel on Friday, September 2nd at 6PM PST on /Twitch, they’ll discuss the basics of VTubing and what they wish they’d known when they started streaming. From this session, we hope you walk away with the know-how to start VTubing, like basic tips on how to create and maintain a persona, the technical aspects of face tracking and rigging, and the perks of being an anonymous avatar. 

See you at the TAKEOvER!

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