Nov 16, 2022

Introducing Guest Star Week: starring you!

Earlier this month, we released the Guest Star beta to all streamers and moderators, allowing them to invite other Twitch users to join their broadcasts with just a browser. We’ve been blown away by all of the creative ways Guest Star has been used so far. Ebonix had a friendly Sims character design competition. FreckledScience debunked beauty myths with a skincare expert. And YungElderberry hosted a Halloween trivia contest with viewers joining her on a broomstick.

Now it’s time for us to host our own Guest Star party. From November 16th through November 23rd, Guest Star Week will highlight streamers using Guest Star on the homepage so our community can see Guest Star in action. Our incredible Twitch Ambassadors will be kicking things off and keeping the party going all week long – full schedule below. We’ll be giving streamers, like you, an opportunity to get discovered on the homepage too – just add the tag “GuestStarWeek” to your stream when you go live with Guest Star. Share your clips on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, using #GuestStarWeek and we’ll highlight our favorites on our Twitch channels. 

How to get started with Guest Star

  1. Navigate to your Creator Dashboard.
  2. Click “Start Guest Star” in your Quick Actions.
  3. Follow the setup prompts.
  4. Go live with a pre-planned guest, or turn on “Requests” to allow viewers to raise their hand to join.

Join our Creator Camp livestream tomorrow, November 17th at 11AM PST to hear first hand how Guest Star helps you safely create engaging content with your community.

A note about safety:

Rest assured, streamers, mods, and viewers can all report guests for violating community guidelines, and your channel won’t receive a penalty for a guest violation if you’ve taken the necessary steps to report and remove the guest. As an additional protection, only phone-verified Twitch users can join as guests, and you and your mods can preview them in a virtual backstage area before pushing them live to your stream.

For more information about getting set upjoining as a guest, and Guest Star safety, visit the Twitch Help Center.

We can’t wait to see what you create together.

Wednesday, November 16th

 9AM - 10AM PSTSeum
 1PM - 2PM PSTThatBronzeGirl
 10PM - 11PM PSTEkuegan
Thursday, November 17th  
 8AM - 9AM PSTnikatine
 2PM - 3PM PSTantphrodite
 3PM - 4PM PSTJambo
 4PM - 5PM PSTBlindGamerSteve
Friday, November 18th  
 8AM - 9AM PSTRubyTrue
 7PM - 8PM PSTjulien
 9PM - 10PM PSTCuriousjoi
Saturday, November 19th  
 8AM - 9AM PSTRadderss
 9AM - 10AM PSTArmorra
 10AM - 11AM PSTThatSrb2DUDE
 11AM - 12PM PSTMissCoookiez
 4PM - 5PM PSTIslandGrown
 10PM - 11PM PSTAngels _Piano
Sunday, November 20th  
 8AM - 9AM PSTJrocTheGod
 9AM - 10AM PSTTechniq
 10AM - 11AM PSTFemSteph
Monday, November 21st  
 7AM - 8AM PSTCKibe
 8AM - 9AM PSTaria_addams
 9AM - 10AM PSTAshleyRoboto
 3PM - 4PM PSTSteveInSpawn
 7PM - 8PM PSTTheDapperRapper
 8PM - 9PM PSTSpofie
 9PM - 10PM PSTLulaboo
Tuesday, November 22nd  
 8AM - 9AM PSTmery_soldier
 12PM - 1PM PSTAshSaidHi
 8PM - 9PM PSTskinnedteen
 9PM - 10PM PSTchesscoachnet
 10PM - 11PM PSTSinowBeats
Wednesday, November 23rd  
 8AM - 9AM PSTfiredragon
 9AM - 10AM PSTDistractedElf
 4PM - 5PM PSTThatViolinChick
 5PM - 6PM PSTsupershigi
 6PM - 7PM PSTMeganLenius
 7PM - 8PM PSTDataDave
 8PM - 9PM PSTokaydrian
 9PM - 10PM PSTNeuro


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