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TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022: Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Show Activities

Jul 15 2022

TwitchCon 2022 is tomorrow! Get ready to get hyped because this year it’s going to be packed with even more awesome things to see and do than ever. We recently announced the TwitchCon session schedule, TwitchCon Cosplay finalist and the know-before-you-go to help prepare you for our show. Now, we’re happy to reveal the brands in the Expo Hall that’ll host tournaments, exclusive product showcases, and offer opportunities to connect all weekend long. 

Full list of sponsors and exhibitors right here

Huge shout out to our Presenting Sponsors, the brands that help bring the show to the community each and every year. Where would we be without them? Don’t miss all the incredible content they’ve created just for the community – stop by their booths and show them some love. 

Not able to make it to the show, but want to get into the action? Check out the lineup online here:

Streamer Station, Powered by Legion by Lenovo - We know streamers are going to need a place to stream onsite at TwitchCon, that’s why we have partnered with our good friends Lenovo Legion to make sure you can level up with your own community online. You can sign up on a first-come first-served basis daily to power up with Lenovo Legion’s latest stylish and savage PCs and monitors. Viewers online can tune in to Lenovo’s featured streamers (and guests!) live:

Artist Alley -  Who doesn’t love great art, collectibles, and swag? Swing by the beloved Artist Alley, say hello, and support artists by purchasing some of their amazing wares. The Artist Alley in Amsterdam which will feature over 29 creators. 

See the full list of artist participants HERE.

Charity Zone - Join charity speedrunning group, ESAMarathon live all weekend for Break the Record: LIVE as speedrunners compete to break records in Super Mario 64…all in the name of Charity! Fundraising for Twitchcon Charity Zone’s featured charities: SpecialEffect, Movember, Mind, Alzheimerfonden, Women in Games International & European Alliance Against Depression. Attendees onsite can also say hello to additional charities: Make-A-Wish International, Stack Up,, Games For Love

Twitch is matching the first $50K of donations, so make sure you donate now to help support great causes!

TwitchCon LAN, Powered by Intel NUC.  We know the community will need to get their gaming fix on - and the TwitchCon Lan, powered by Intel NUC  will give folks onsite plenty of chances to jump into the action.

Hardware Sponsors - We all know what you play with matters. That’s why we have partnered with some of the best brands and products in gaming for our TwitchCon Lan, Powered by Intel NUC.

Kappa Cabana - Sun, good beer, food, and music. See you at Kappa Cabana! Attendees onsite can experience a variety of food trucks and craft beers, while being entertained by some of our amazing European music artists. Here’s the schedule:

Saturday July 16th Sunday July 17th
SvenDorau -  11:30
LisaChantal - 12:45
ItsGirli Saturday  13:45
HadiPlaysMusic 15:00
Idristhegrey 16:00
patrykwxjcik -16:45
SherikaSherard 17:30
LeonBratt - 18:15
Sax Dragon & The Cultural Exchange 10:45
Joey Collins 12:00
ifas_core Sunday 12:45
sabyspark Sunday 13:30
LuceLuna Sunday 14:15
AlbinaOfficial 15:15
ThomasHeadon 16:15
SarahCoponat 20 17:15

Twitch Rivals is coming at you with some Triple action plays at TwitchCon Amsterdam - ready for the showdowns?

 Twitch Rivals at TwitchCon Amsterdam is sponsored by Logitech G, a team focused on pushing the boundaries of performance and exploring the possibilities of play. Logitech G has a long legacy of inventing new technology and optimizing engineering, but what we really care about is what’s next.

Read more about the challenge and see the full Twitch Rivals schedule HERE.

Whew - that was a lot to go over, but worth it, right? Looking forward to seeing you all at the show, or online on all the streams!

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